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Credit counselor

The credit counselors provided by our company don’t work for profit and they offer services at local offices. You can contact them online or by phone also. It is better to choose an organization that offers in person counseling. Be aware that nonprofit status doesn’t guarantee that services are free, it is affordable or even legitimate. Some credit counseling organizations charge high fees, which they may hide and others might urge their clients to make voluntary contributions that can cause more debt.


Our agency sends you free information about the services we provide without requiring you to give details about your situation. We advise you about managing your money and debts, it helps you to develop a budget. We offer free education materials and workshops. The counselors are trained and certified in consumer credit, money, and budgeting debt management. They discuss your financial situation with you and help you in developing a personalized plan to deal your money problems easily. We offer a wide range of services including budget counseling, debt management classes and savings. Debt management plan is provided by our professionals for your financial situation.

credit consolidation

Debt management plan

A credit counseling agency may recommend that you enroll a debt management plan (DMP) if your financial situation is so critical or if we find if there is any inability to repay your debts. A debt management plan is not a crediting counseling and it is not for everyone. We advise you not to sign up for any of the plans till a certified credit counselor has spent time and thoroughly reviewed your financial situation. We also offer you a customized advice on managing your money.

Eliminate credit card debt

Inflation refers to the reduction in nominal value of money which can effectively minimize your debt value. Debt lenders take inflation as an option while providing loans or credit cards. Hence we increase the inflation rate which can give a relief from your debts in an efficient way. Inflation is caused due to transfer of money or currency from money holders to investors. Thus by decreasing such transfer to investors, you can get relief from your debts.

If you wish to eliminate or reduce stress regarding your debt payments to creditors, you can use effective debt reduction services like debt restructuring by which you can take a new loan to pay back your existing debts, debt management plans which eliminate your debts by our privileged and highly trained certified credit counselors and bankruptcy option which analyze your current financial condition thus enabling to take the correct decisions on debt reduction.

credit card consolidation

Consolidation of your debts

  • We provide you with debt consolidation services which is another form of debt refinancing in taking out one loan to pay off the debts.

  • This technique address even high debts like consumer or government debts.

  • Debt consolidation provides high safety by lowering your interest rate of the full debt.

  • Your bulk consumer or government debt even with high interest can be paid by taking a new loan.

  • For debt consolidation, we require you to put your home as collateral and loan must be lower than available equity.

Credit card debt help

The time taken to clear your debts is based on some factors like the total amount of your debt, the affordable amount you can pay from your savings account every month, negotiation between consolidation program and your debt lenders. You can clear your debts by effective debt consolidation and you can pay back your debt with your monthly payments. Pay your debts in affordable amount from your monthly income and get free from your debts.

Special features

We are very proud to have highly trained credit counselors who assist you in development of budget and offer free educational materials and different workshops. Our counselors are certified and trained in budgeting, money and debt management processes. The credit counselors in our company conduct a discussion with you regarding the financial situation and help in development of specialized plan to solve your financial problems.

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